Friday, June 19, 2015

House of Cards

The pendulum has reached its peak and is ready to return to rationality.  The aged ideologues are passing on this mortal coil and the new generation has very different ideas as to how the world should be.  The coalition that has held together, fighting science, reason, rationality, compassion and fairness, is falling apart and the house of cards is about to fall.

Evidence is starting to trickle in.  A majority of Americans are in favor of gay marriage.  The Republicans are starting to talk about income inequality.  The pope is producing an encyclical entreating us to do something about climate change. 

Americans are tiring of hearing about another mass shooting; about the social safety net crumbling;
about our civil liberties being threatened; about money interests controlling the political agenda; about billionaires telling us that public servants, from teachers, to fire fighters to police officers to nurses, are the cause of our societal problems,; about greater and greater threats to the environment that we are leaving our children; about spending our defense dollars on useless programs as favors to special interests; about spilling our citizen’s blood on senseless political wars.

This new generation is socially liberal and economically conservative.  They want to get high capacity guns out of the hands of deranged criminals.  They want their private conversations to remain private.  They want to have the government out of the way in their medical decisions.  They want their representatives to listen to them, not dogmatic billionaires.  They want to leave their children an environment that is healthy.  They want schools that serve their children and to promote strong relationships between students and teachers.  They want to make sure the poor, the aged, the disabled and the homeless are protected and cared for.  They want defense dollars to be spent on 21st Century threats, not Cold War boogie men.  They want restrictions on money from the rich in politics.  They want our bridges and tunnels and mass transit to be the envy of the world.   They want a path to citizenship for undocumented citizens who productively contribute to the society.    They want a tax code where the rich pay the highest taxes and there are higher taxes on work than investments.  They want police officers who abuse their authority to be held accountable.

Those who do not see this sea change will be left behind.  The house of cards is crumbling and those who see the future as just building more layers will be in for a rude awakening.

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