Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sincerity Integrity Respect and Trust

This a life lesson for anyone taking any major step in life:  Look for these qualities in your bosses, your co-workers and in the atmosphere that pervades the institution.  Are decisions made for the best outcome for the people you serve, in a school that is the students and the community, or because they are the ones that the leaders say you should follow because they made them?

Where I am now, these four qualities pervade everything that goes on.  It affects everything:  morale, achievement, motivation, quality.  When I left Montclair, it was totally absent.  Hubris had replaced respect, public relations had replaced integrity.  And sincerity, let's not even go there.

Why would a school system which was acting in good faith and transparently need a communication and a public relations plan?  Because people don't like what they see?  Because people don't trust who they see?

So do the test.  If you see these four qualities in our schools, feel good.  You have a great school.  If not, its time for you to work for a change.