Saturday, June 28, 2014

"Montclair's Assemblywoman Oliver Flabbergasted Over School Reform in Trenton"

Flabbergasted with Trenton!!!! How about Flabbergasted with Montclair, whose Board and administration has enthusiastically endorsed and carried out this mission? How about disgusted with herself, for supporting the disastrous decision to cap superintendent's pay, to jump on board with this ill-thought out and planned implementation of an untested and ill conceived Common Core and PARCC and effectively reduce teacher pay by 25% in the guise of "pension reform" which has teachers and other public service employees make enormous contributions to their pensions and health care, that were frequently given in negotiations in lieu of pay raises. I find this Johnny come lately conversion of the Democrats repulsive. Where were they when we needed them? NOW they want to start undoing the damage they created? PLEASE!

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