Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why I'm at Morristown

A few reasons why I'm in Morristown: 

Number of high school subject area supervisors:
Morristown 6 Montclair 0

Number of staff dedicated to closing the achievement gap
Morristown 2 Montclair 0

Number of Assistant Principals
Morristown 2 Montclair 5

Responsibility of Guidance Director
Morristown: running the department, responding to parent and student needs
Montclair: scheduling, testing, 504, I&RS

Amount of money investigating and defending consequences of bad decisions (Assessmentgate)
Morristown 0$ Montclair $100,000's

Discussion time with Superintendent about directions of schools
Morristown: many hours Montclair 0

Administrators who care more about learning than management and control
Morristown: all Montclair: none

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