Sunday, March 23, 2014

Board Meeting

In the last edition of the Montclair Times, the title of the article stated “MacCormack Encourages Teachers to Speak Up.”  A more apt title might be “Teachers See A Failure of Leadership.”  Some comments include: “The relationship between central service and teachers is strained at best and there is a constant fear of reprisal.”  “There is the lowest morale at MHS in all of our collective memory.”  “This once great Montclair that other districts admired and copied is being dismantled.”  “Teachers feel disheartened and vilified.”

The teachers requested a moratorium on quarterly assessments;  a desire to “trust your teachers and respect their judgment.  Stop making everything common and centralized.  It is too inflexible and not authentic.”;  A to return to “building level department supervisors”;  and a desire to “bring back the Writer’s Room, reduce class size and increase library hours and staff.”

Despite this, they concluded that “We love what we do so much.  The passion in our building is astounding.”  When I asked one teacher about the response of the Board, he responded  They defended, denied, deflected and didn't do anything to get off the track they are on.” 

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