Sunday, November 24, 2013

Is this the problem?

Hey, is the problem with the Common Core not actually with the concept but with how it has been done? Can there be a curriculum that actually educates the whole person? I looked at the social studies standards, and they are mind-boggingly complex and detached. Can there be something that could be created as humanistic common core? Look at this web site: Should this be the starting point, getting kids to think about their values and priorities and have THIS as the starting points and essential questions? Are there any teachers or academics who want to start a movement for an alternative Common Core, something teacher driven rather than by EdD's and corporate educators? Or is the whole concept flawed?

Or is the problem that there are mixed motivations? Are there those who were involved in the creation and implementation of the Common Core and the PARCC assessments who want to use it as a tool for something else than teaching students?  Is the motivation to use this as a tool to get rid of ineffective teachers or promote schools without unions or tenure?  Is this inconsistent with the concept of the Common Core?  

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