Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hopey Changey

So I began looking at the specific content of the strategic plan.  Item # 1 (and I would think its placement would mirror its importance:

1. By June 2015, 80% of students, parents and teachers will rate their school
climate as effective or highly effective (including promoting high
expectations and strong student – teacher relationships) as measured by
school-level climate surveys.

And the number one strategy to accomplish it:

1. Collaboratively adopt an effective school-level climate survey to measure
evidence of high expectations and strong student-staff relationships and
effective school-level leadership; schedule the administration and scoring for
the surveys at the beginning and end of each school year.

Let's see how that school climate survey is going?  How about asking teachers:

1)  Has there been an improvement in the school climate in the past year?
2)  Are you treated with dignity and respect as a teacher?
3)  Are you supported by the administration?
4)  Are you treated as a professional by the administration?
5)  Are the Montclair schools on the right track.
6)  Do you enjoy coming to work in the morning?
7)  Do you consider your work more or less rewarding in the past year.
8)  Do you feel there is a cooperative atmosphere with the administration?
9)  Are you supported by administration when there is an issue with a student and/or parent.
10)  On a scale of 1-5 (1 being highly agree; 5 being highly disagree), please rate the following:

*I feel I am part of a greater school community that I am excited to contribute to.
*I feel there is recognition for the good work that I do.
*I consider my classroom a refuge from the unpleasantness of the other school life.
*There is a positive environment in the school
*There is encouragement of good teaching.
*Administration has been successful in making me a better teacher.
*I feel that I am undermined by the school administration.

Let's see how that hopey changey thing is going?

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