Sunday, November 23, 2008

NY Times (11-21-08) -Decision Applications Are Up at Colleges, in Spite of the Economy

Here was my line this fall: If you do not need financial aid, this may be one of the best years to go ED. Colleges, like other institutions that have financial needs, do not like uncertainty. In this atmosphere, there is more uncertainty than ever before. Let's see, what could go wrong:

1) You admit your class, stretch your thinned financial aid as much as you can, and the ones you shorted in the least head to public colleges.
2) You don't admit enough full pay kids ED and your president says that you need to have more revenue. You are in the soup kitchen line.

And on and on.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...the biggest unstated pressure on admissions directors at private colleges is getting more "full pay kids." You have limited means to do this: need aware admissions, international admissions and ED.

So I told kids who are full pay that their odds are better than ever this year if they go ED. I don't see anything fishy at all. It's actually smart money....colleges and kids making economic decisions instead of educational ones; just like the system is designed.

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